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Dec 3, 2011

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Jus Randy “Infobahn” CD Listening Session.

Jus Randy “Infobahn” CD Listening Session.

I attended the official listening session for the release of Jus Randy’s new album Infobahn, at Atelier lounge, Monday night.   I arrived just in time to be guaranteed (as promised by Randy…lol) my fill of sure-fire hot bangers, all while experiencing a musical journey.   Prior to the listening session, Jus Randy commented on the album,



Infobahn is not only my re-emergence on the music scene but this album is a solid representation of my growth as a musical artist.

Infobahn, (a term used through the 90’s to refer to digital communications systems and the internet telecommunications) was surprisingly layered with lyrical references of family, fatherhood, past/present successes and the obvious “making that paper money”. Adding his personal experiences with intense production from young producer Game Boy, Infobahn is more than a mere attempt of wishing for a comeback, it’s a clear indication that Jus Randy is musically ready and shows no signs of slowing down.

His here to stay attitude is clearly identified throughout the album. Intro single “This is War” and “It’s Too Damn Late” should clear up the confusion, if there was any to begin with.  After he seeks war on the music industry, Jus Randy adds some positivity to the album line-up, with tracks “Happy Endings” (reminders of classic Wu-Tang instrumentals here) and “Gud Mawning” (featuring the soulful sounds of singer Ray Robinson).   An unforgettable mention goes out to the Sweet Spot produced track, “Never Leave You”.

Alright, alright, alright, so he wasn’t tooting his own horn, earlier.  I do agree Infobahn has some hot-bangers and I’m sure we can go back and forth on the degree of heat another day. The truer statement is, Jus Randy (throughout the album) is being just that, Randy.

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